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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Biological Clock... Officially smashed to bits!

The day had finally arrived...

My biological clock is finally smashed to bits.  No longer do I look to a little baby and think ooooh, just to have one of my very own.  No longer do I crave the smell of a newborn's head or the feel of a newborn in my arms.

I've officially reached the point in my life that it's fabulous for the younger folks, but I'm done!

I reached this realization in church a few weeks ago.  We have a brand new little baby in our church family.  Super cute, perfect little baby girl just cooing and smiling at everyone.  Of course I wanted to hold her.

When I did... nothing.

No heart pangs for one of my very own.  No longing.  Nothing.

...and when she started crying - I gave her back to her momma.

Nothing personal.  I love the little baby for who she is... SOMEONE ELSE'S!  I'm oh so good with that.

I totally get the baby attraction.  I mean, what's not to love about a sweet smelling, perfect, beautiful little baby?  They want nothing but love.  That's easy.

I'm older now.  Too old for babies of my own.  Mentally that is.  I've moved on to the next phase. I've finally boxed up and donated all that baby stuff that I was holding onto to prevent "the curse." Ya know.... the curse that if you get rid of all your baby stuff, you end up pregnant.  I'm secure in my inability to conceive at my older age and I'm moving forward.

I'll wait for the years to pass and for my children to get older, married & bless me with grand children.  The children that I will love and cuddle and hold and smell their sweet smell.  Spoil them rotten and then send them along to momma and poppa.

My biological clock has been officially smashed to bits, and I'm totally cool with that!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. When ever that sweet baby head smell gets to ya, just test the other end.

  2. Love this! LOL! I sometimes wish mine was smashed to bits...alas it isn't. :( Oh well! Been missin your blog! glad I'm back to being able to read! :)

  3. Nope don't even have a little bit of wanting another child all gone.....

  4. Mine has been smashed to bits for a long time. I never thought I would ever feel that way, but it does catch up to you eventually.(Thank God!)


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