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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lilla Rose Review

Emily, from Lilla Rose, recently asked me if I would try a Flexi Clip 
and let her know what I think of it.

While I am completely and totally honored that she asked me, 
I have to be really honest to say - I'm all about simple.  
The only thing I put in my hair is hair spray, 
so that my hair stays where it needs to be 
and I don't need to keep messing with it throughout the day.
That's me.

Also, I'd never heard of Lilla Rose.

I always want to help, so I said I would absolutely check it out.

I decided that my daughter would be the one to try it.
Since she has inherited her Momma's "say it like it is", 
I knew I could get an honest opinion.

My daughter - TOTAL DIVA!
I mentioned the cute clip to her and she squealed with excitement. Before I could even explain what she'd do completely, 
she began checking the mail daily,
 waiting for the clip to arrive.

Emily sent me a really cute silver butterfly clip.  
Although my daughter's fashion statement is wearing it upside down, 
you can see how pretty it is in this picture. 

It's Upside down....  She liked it that way
I had issues getting the clip to work, but I'm a bit of a butter fingers.
My daughter had it all up in seconds.
It was super easy for her and she loves it!
The picture above was taken within seconds of her putting it into her hair.  
No muss, no fuss - in and up and beautiful!  She LOVES it!

Check out the different types of clips in the picture below:

If you'd like more information from Emily on these clips, you can find out more at her web site HERE.

At her site you could place an order, inquire about hosting a party or even find out how to build your own business by being a distributor!!

You can also join Emily on Facebook:

Emily, thank you so much for asking me to do this review for you.  I can say, for certain, that my little diva is a total fan!

So what do I have to say about this??

Embrace your inner Diva!!
If you're all about clips and new ways to do your hair, give Emily a shout!!  
Tell her Jenn sent ya.  :)

Thank you for reading my blog review & have a beautiful day!!


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