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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kickboxing is kicking my arse....

If you've followed along with me at all over on my FaceCrack page (a.k.a. Facebook) you may have noticed I've taken a giant leap into the wonderful world of kickboxing over the past few months...

This is how I picture me.
It all looks good on paper..... Yes, Jenn - you can kick and punch the crap out of something and call it exercise.

I'm thinking...Hmmm, I can kick and punch something really, really hard and I won't hurt anyone?  Or get hit
back?  Where do I sign, where do I sign?

Here, let me get a pin to prick your finger with - because you're signing in blood :)

All that sarcasm up there... cast it aside.
Just don't cast it too far because my muscles are aching like you can't believe and I don't want to have to reach.

Truth - I love this crap!
I can kick and punch things - get my frustrations out while exercising!

Another truth - it is the hardest work out I've ever done in my life.  I used to totally wimp out after 40 minutes, but I just keep on going.

Hand me my coffee cup, will ya?  I'm having a little difficulty lifting it right now...

Let me tell you my kickboxing story...
I started back in February.  The Wednesday before I was schedule to go visit my son in San Diego.  I kicked, I punched, I exercised and the next day - I hurt like hell.  The day after that, I got the flu.  UG.
So I didn't go back for a while - a two week while, actually, and then I went back.

Still recovering on week #3 of the now respiratory version of the fabulous flu.  I can't breathe and my energy level is zapped.
There's Mr. Shiek -- knees up higher - higher.  Kick, Kick.
Dude, I'm an old bag -- one of the oldest in the class.  Mercy, I ask...
Yet he continues...Push yourself, push yourself.  Lunge, squat, kick -- Here, catch these 5 lb weights and do it again.  Now squat and jump to the ceiling.  Medicine ball time...Jump squat, jump squat.

WHAT??  Why am I jumping?  Is there a mouse somewhere??  Holy hell - what did I sign up for.  Move, move - he says.  So I'm moving and gasping for air.  Sweat is pouring from my brow like it's trying to escape my body and all I want is a small sip of water... hell, I want to dunk my head into a barrel of water and just stay there.  Where do you thing you'rrrrrrre going, missy??  Jump, jump higher - faster now kick, kick, kick - punch, punch, punch.  I think I hate him.  I told him so.  I told him, "Mr. Sheik - tomorrow, we may not be friends."  He laughed his evil laugh and told me to straighten my back and do 20 more squats....  faster....

You wanted this Jenn -- you asked for it.  Oh wait, that was children.... Well same crap - children is what put my body into this state.  Children is what kicked my once beautiful six pack abs into a squishyy old milk carton.

More truth...  I started in February.  During that month I went maybe 3 times total.  Maybe.  In March, I started to build up to 2 -3 times a week faithfully.

Do I still ache afterwards?  You bet your sweet cheeks I do!  BUT, I keep losing weight!  I am stronger and can do almost the entire class without too many breaks.  I look forward to going.  I WANT to go.

Not only because I can kick and punch the crap out of inanimate objects, but because I am weirdly looking forward to the pain that I will feel on day #2 because that means I am doing something!  It means that at almost 50, this chick is working back toward my 20 something physique.  Ok, 30 something physique.  I'll take it!!!

Let me be very clear.... I HATE to exercise. I LOVE kickboxing.

How incredibly weird is that?

Thank you for reading my mish mosh of whatever today.

I know it's not my most fabulous post, but it will help someone.  Right??

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. I do get it. I felt that way about walking (4 miles pushing a double stroller, daily). I had a hard time getting myself out the door, but once I did I could think, sing with the kids, walk, run, work off stress. I hated it but I loved it. But kickboxing, now that I have teens I'm thinking that's something I should try!

  2. I start boxing next week and I am excited to punch something!!! I never thought exercise would become a part of my life but it has and let me tell you when I don't do it I feel uber bitchy and not as relaxed.

    1. Mommy Bags and kick boxing...that is a scary thought!

  3. Your awesome Jenn, keep up the great work! I used to kick box 4 times a week before i had kids and loved every minute i was in the gym. You have been an inspiration to me since i started reading you blog i think you have convinced me to get my butt back in the gym. Thank you, not only for this post but all your others!


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