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Friday, April 26, 2013

It Works!! Wrap Review :)

Not me or my results - borrowed from internet.

It is my absolute pleasure to review the It Works! wrap for
Get Skinny with Roni.”

I first want to say, I was skeptical prior to trying this.  I had purchased a similar wrap on eBay.  It was NOT the same and it did not work!  Beware of this!  ONLY buy an It Works wrap from an It Works distributor, like Roni, or you may end up with an expired or even dried up wrap that does not work.

To give you a little about my background on me, I am a 47 year old mom with both Lupus and Hashimoto’s (thyroid disease).  I was heavily medicated at one time for the Lupus and I blew up like a wood tick.  I've been dieting and exercising like crazy.  Having an under active thyroid makes weight loss very difficult, combine that with Lupus and weight loss is even more difficult.

Because of all of my issues, I changed my eating habits completely and started kickboxing to lose weight and get healthy.  In doing this, I’ve lost 26 lbs over the past 7 months, which is great, but the skin on my tummy is now saggy and wrinkly.  This is why I chose to try the ItWorks wraps.  I wanted to tighten up my loose skin and maybe loose a few extra inches.

I prepared for the wrap by adding the Greens mixture to my morning protein drink.  I took my measurements, gathered my water and asked my daughter to take a picture of my belly.

The wrap was very easy to apply.  After smoothing on the wrap to get any air bubbles out and get a clean fit, I then wrapped cellophane around my mid-section to keep the wrap in place and continued about my business while 45 minutes passed.
*Do not exercise or work up a sweat with the wrap on.  That will inhibit the gel from getting into your system. *
The wrap had a nice cool feeling on my skin, sort of like icy hot and tingly - very comfortable.  I was also thirsty, so I was really happy I had my water ready.

One of the things to note is that you need to drink half your body weight in ounces of water after wrapping to help flush the toxins out of your body.  (ie:  150 lbs = 75 oz water or about  5 - 16 oz bottles of water.)  It’s a lot of water.  For me, this was easy because I felt thirsty while I was wrapped and drank 3 bottles of water right away.  Yes, I also had plenty of potty time.  :)  Stay close to the bathroom!  The water is not meant to help you flush water weight, but to flush the toxins out of your body.

After 45 minutes, I cut the cellophane to unwrap and rubbed the remaining gel into my belly.  I asked my daughter to take after pictures for me so that I could compare.

I was excited to see that there was a visible difference in the way my tummy looked.  The wrinkly, saggy areas are noticeably tighter and looked smaller than they had prior to being wrapped.  I also took my measurements and noted that I lost ¼ inch right away and a little more the next day and more the day after!  That may not seem like a lot to you, but for someone having Lupus and an under active thyroid weight loss is a struggle.  The positive results of this wrap are very exciting and exactly the boost I needed to move forward in my diet and exercise plan.

A couple of days later I weighed and measured again.  I noticed I lost 3 lbs and I had a total loss of 1 inch in my belly.

It is important to remember when you do this that results vary.  While some people will have dramatic results, others may take a few days.  Also, diet and exercise (and water) are always important to help maintain results.  Just like anything else – if you, for example, go on Weight Watchers and lose 30 lbs – then go off your diet and start eating ice cream sundaes every night for dinner – the results will fade quickly.  You need to eat right and continue to stay hydrated to maintain results.

I can honestly say that I will absolutely continue as a customer of Roni’s.  I am thrilled with my results and have order the Ultimate Wrap Pack.  I look forward to further tightening of my problem areas while I maintain my health program.

Roni did let me know that there is a really exciting special going on right now if you are someone who would like to start a business....


Anyone signing up as a distributor by April 30th 2013 is eligible for a $10,000 bonus!!  April 30th is TUESDAY... so if you're interested, get in touch with her.

Super exciting, huh??

If you'd like to try an It Works wrap, you can purchase one from Roni:

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Roni, thank you for asking my opinion on this product!  I'm honored that you've asked me and I'm thrilled that I had such great results.  I can't wait to see how the next few go ... just in time for bare skin weather!

**Please note, The opinions and results of this review are mine.  I have not been paid for my review, nor am I a distributor or anyone who will benefit financially as a result of this review. I’m just a working mom who wants to feel good about herself.**

For everyone reading, Good Luck!!  I wish you a ton of success with this!!


  1. Thanks for the review.. I was curious about this when I saw it a few months ago. Looks like I might give it a shot! :)

    1. It's definitely worth a shot! Just remember to follow the instructions. They matter :)

    2. Hi Susan! If there are any questions we can answer for you, please feel free to contact us! (Cori Wronko, admin for Get Skinny With Roni)

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  3. Great review! I love the it works body products. Keep it up.


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