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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Mingle


This Week's Theme: LUCK

1.  Do you believe in luck? Why or why not?

No.  I believe we make our own luck by trying, not by just sitting around waiting for things to happen.

It would be nice if luck were real.

2.  Do you or have you ever had any good luck charms?

I can't really say I have an actual "good luck charm".
I have sentimental things that I hold on to to remind me of - well, whatever it's attached to.  

3.  Does your Significant Other have a lucky charm? What is it?

If he does, I've never known about it!  My hubby's a pretty tough guy and he and I think a lot alike.

You make your own luck :)

4.  Where do you think the word Luck originated from? Just guess if you don't know

Hmmmm...  I've got nuttin'  :)  
The first goofy thought that came to my mind was the Lucky Charms Leprechaun. 

5.  Do you know of anyone who goes overboard with luck or lucky charms? Please explain!

I used to.

When she and I were friends, I used to joke with her because she reminded me of the episode on Roseanne where Roseann was playing BINGO and had trolls and lighters and all sots of lucky stuff around.  She also used to go play BINGO and play games of chance, go to A/C... all of that.
That's not my style.  

Okay, now it's your turn. Grab the button at the top of the page and questions and repost on your page!!! You don't have to answer the questions, you can just repost the button on your sidebar or in a post. Link your page or post up and mingle with other bloggers!!! No rules, just meet new people!
This is a Blog Hop!

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