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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's important...

Hard to remember what's really important sometimes.

We take everything for granted, don't we?  Have a house?  You want a bigger one.  Have a car?  You want a the new, better model.  It seems to fall from memory that we actually DO have enough.  How many others don't have anything and want or need just a small part of what we take for granted?
...and we still can't seem to be satisfied with what we've got.

Oh - I'm totally guilty.  I've got the "I want it and I want it now" - BAD!

We... Ok I totally get all caught up in life and let the mighty rat race of the bigger and better deal take me over so that the important fact slips by...  most of us already have the best deal there is and we don't see it...  until, of course, something comes along and smacks you upside the head to remind you.

Sometimes I get so mad at myself.  I look at my life and I've got so much. More than I sometimes deserve, and I piss and moan and bitch and complain about the stuff I don't have.

I don't have auto start in my truck... well boo friggin hoo!

Sleep didn't come easily to me last night.  I sat awake thinking of my friend who passed a few weeks ago, and the words another friend posted on Facebook seemed to echo through my mind.  (I'll share that at the end of this post.)

The thoughts raced from one to another through my mind; I thought of some of my other friend who are so much like my friend who passed - living large & not taking care of themselves.  I thought of friendships in trouble and friendships lost.  People who have slipped away for no good reason, and the memories that I've held on to.  Things that make me smile & things gone forever.

Then, I thought of the things I have to be thankful for and the things that actually are important.

The people.

Family and friends should always be priority, but as I inferred - life gets in the way.  Constantly.  Things happen, people fight, walls go up and people become separated.  The important stuff gets brushed aside.  People get brushed aside.  We do it every day.  How many times do your kids walk in, excited to show you a picture they've drawn - and the words "not right now" are uttered?  Ug...Fail!

These are the things we don't even realize we're doing - until we get a big smack upside the head.

Death is difficult - but somehow it has a way of becoming the long awaited spring after a cold winter.  The awakening.  The rebirth & renewal of old relationships that have fallen by the wayside, and the resurrection of damaged friendships.

It reminds you of the things you forgot you were thankful for.  The things to be grateful to and for.

I often sound like a broken record - mostly because I do truly care about people.  Sometimes to a degree that freaks people out a little....but that's me.  Someone who is so incredibly thankful for people in my life.  Someone who will reach out at random and say - hey, I love you - take care of your self, will ya?  Just because.

I am truly and completely grateful to all of you and appreciate every single one of you.

Go love and be loved.  Take care of yourselves and appreciate the little things.

As always, thank you very so much for reading my blog.


This is for you, my Clifton girlies - I love you <3

"Attitude of Gratitude" as posted on my friend, Ron Brooks Facebook Page
The other day I witnessed the true essence and spirit of "I WON'T COMPLAIN"?!! While shopping at a local supermarket I noticed a young man bagging groceries in my line. At first glance nothing seemed to be special or extraordinary about him, but as I got closer I realized that he was bagging groceries based on his touch and feel of the food rather than by sight; BECAUSE HE WAS BLIND! I was immediately impacted because I thought about those of us who fail to reach our full potential or utilize the gifts and talents God has given us because we are too busy complaining about the things we believe we don't possess! Many of us are blessed beyond our own recognition! We need to realize and appreciate all the blessings God has poured out on us and have a ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE! I was positively and deeply impacted by David the bagger! I HOPE YOU WILL BE TOO!


  1. Spot on Jenn, we do tend to put too much emphasis on stuff!

  2. I try to practice... to do... attitude of gratitude is a BIG part of my daily regimen; I even practice it with my kids, we'll make gratitude lists together, it is pretty cool.

    I am sorry for your loss... loss --death is difficult. Its been a little over a year ago that I had a falling out with a friend, we'd been close for 14 years, and we haven't talked since. I'm not sure where to go with it... or if I want to do anything at all about it.

    I really appreciate your sharing this topic --thank you.

  3. Your posts are always so thought provoking Jenn.


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