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Friday, December 21, 2012

My Christmas Wishes

Here it is again, Christmas & the holiday season.

Yeah, I know that's not politically correct - but Christmas is the holiday that I celebrate.  I'm also not great at following politically correct protocol.  Heck, it's all I can do to manage social protocol.

While on my Facebook page last week, I saw a post left for me by Jenny at Cassandra's Corner, which said "Tag you're it"  Of course I checked it out and OF COURSE I couldn't resist playing.

I'll have to be open and honest when I tell you, this Christmas is not the same for me.  All of the awfulness of the past few months has taken it's toll on my usually chipper holiday mood, and also contributed to the delay in this posting.

Sometimes at this time of the year, I need a reminder of the spirit of Christmas.  My son is in the military & although I try to remain positive and happy and exude cheer - I'm a little sad that for the second year in a row I won't get to spend Christmas with my son.  This "challenge" is exactly what I needed.  So thank you for tagging me Jenny.

I ask you, how could you turn down a holiday challenge named
Five Christmas Wishes.
Of course, I'm in and my only duties now are to share my wishes & extend this on to five more bloggers - challenging them to think of and share THEIR Christmas wishes.  I'm not going to do that (you're welcome) because it's a week late & the busyness of the holiday can take over.  However, if you decide to take this challenge on yourself - please let me know.  I'd love to read your wishes.

What do I wish for?  Pfft... What don't I wish for!

1.  First, let's get serious.  I miss my kid.  I am an awful military mom.  Heck, I'm an awful cut the apron strings mom.  I've always had to "share" my son for Christmas, but I always had him for either Christmas Eve or Christmas day.  The past two years - nadda.  Uncle Sam has had full reign.  I am sooo incredibly proud of the man he's become - but I can't help but wish even for a little bit that he was that rambunctious five year old bounding toward the tree and his presents.  My first wish, is for my son - far away from home - that he find a little bit of "Christmas home" where he is.

2.  My second wish is to find someone to clean my house the way I like it!  No, I'm not a totally spoiled brat... I can clean - but I don't have time to clean between work and kid schedules.  Also, during this time of year when the cold and damp kicks in, my Lupus kicks my butt so bad that all I really want to do is lie down.  I say this and look around at the dust bunnies I missed & that every house cleaner that comes in here misses.  Ya know, after the first few times.  Yes...send referrals.

3.  Serious / semi-serious...done...  I wish for that creepy little elf to be exposed for the fraud he is.  That little creep doesn't keep the kids in line... he gives them new and different reasons to bicker.  I found him, no I FOUND him.  He's HERE... SHE found him first.  She told me where he was.  Wahhh wahhh wahhh.  Elf, Elf go away..  You creepy little fraud, you!

4.  Magic scissors!!  Let me explain... You know that little pooch that doesn't really go away after you have short ones?  The one that  you look down at and go ewwwww.  Even if  you have a tiny one - who likes it?  I want magic scissors.  I can cut away that nasty icky stuff I hate and it magically heals.  Wouldn't that be awesome??  No pain, no recovery time, no scarring - ick GO AWAY forever!  Voila!  Gone...  Oh and that extra however many pounds go away too.

5.  My final Christmas wish is for all of YOU.  I wish you all peace and love.  I wish for any pain you may be carrying around to be lifted and that the joy and magic of the season envelope you and bring you nothing but happiness - even if Christmas is not the holiday you celebrate!

I end this in wishing you all the magic of the season.
I thank each and every one of you for your continued love and support.
Merry Christmas with lots of love and smoochies!

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  1. Beautifully put Jenn. Merry Christmas and here's hoping this will be the last year you'll have to spend Christmas apart from your son. God bless him and keep him safe.

    And I'll take those magic scissors when you're finished with them. My pooch laughs at me daily after 2 c-sections.


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