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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Again?? You're going to throw the 9/11 stuff in our faces AGAIN??

I wasn't going to blog on this... I wasn't.

The news hits you from every angle.  It's redundant and over the top and everywhere in your face.  People are sick of hearing about it already.  LET IT GO.

Ya know what... NO!

I wrote a little blurb on my Facebook page about where I was, what I remember about September 11th, 2001.

Every generation seems to have it's own "Always Remember, Never Forget."  This is ours.

We need to remember.  We need to stay angry and we NEED to remember that some weasely bastard snuck through a hole in the security of our amazing country and did the unthinkable.

My husband and I were newlyweds.  We just got married a few months earlier.  My dad was sick and living with us.  We were starting fresh in our life.  I moved out of my condo.  We were living in an apartment upstairs from a business, across from the NYC park and ride & a biker bar, while we were waiting for our home to be built.

That morning, my husband kissed me goodbye.  I tended to my dad and made sure he would be comfortable for the day.  I got my son ready and on the bus & went to work.

Just like every other day.

I got to work early, but felt a bit rushed since traffic was horrendous.  It was 8:27 on the nose.  I got my coffee and began to get my desk in order for the day's work.

Shortly after I'd settled in, Gene, the mail guy, stopped at my desk.  He was early for mail that day.  He looked - concerned.  "Did you hear that a plane just crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center?"

I didn't immediately think terrorist attack.  I though - WOW - that sucks and started looking for the news stories online.

What seemed like seconds later, one of my co-workers emerged from her office - in tears.  "Another plane just hit the second tower."

My mind immediately reflected back to February 26, 1993, the day a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower a.k.a. Tower #1 of the World Trade Center.
I remember that a woman I knew was on the 67th floor Sky Lobby when the bomb blew, and had to walk the stairs all the way down.
I was 8 months pregnant with my son at the time.  I was terrified.  Thankful that the building still stood & praying for the lives of those making their way out.  That was 1993.

This day, it became very clear that America was once again under attack.

This time, the North Tower, Tower #1 wasn't spared, but now a blazing inferno with the lives of thousands of Americans trapped inside.

As the radio got louder in the office - all movement stopped.  Many of us sobbed at our desks or hugged each other as we'd gotten news that a friend, or loved one was able to get out alive.

It's a day that I won't forget.  Ever.

For days/weeks afterward, smoke billowed from the horizon - where the towers used to stand.

This is our generation's "Pearl Harbor," for lack of a better example.  The day to remember that some weasely bastards got by and disrespected this great country of ours.  A day to remember that even if you don't agree with the war - you NEED to support our troops.  THEY are defending this wonderful and amazing country of ours.

They are the ones working day and night so that we can sleep peacefully.

So yes - I will ALWAYS REMEMBER.

God Bless America!

Thank you for reading!!


Jenn-ism re-run from 9/11/12

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  1. Love this. No one should ever forget.

    1. <3 Funny, when you first started commenting - I though you were my IRL friend, Robin - so I was replying as if you'd know what I was talking about. Thank you for your continued support!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading! It's important to remember.

  3. Well said!
    Girl you can write.

    1. Thank you! When you're writing from the heart, it's easy :) I appreciate your support <3

  4. I will also never forget, and feel the same way, that we shouldn't. Such and important day in our history, and people just want to forget what happened that day and move on. Apparently forgetting that so many of us CAN'T forget, nor would we want too.

    1. Thank you, Alex! I read your blog on this too!! Have a great day & thanks for commenting :)

  5. That's right! I had to say something too - and was really kind of disturbed by how few people read my post. People are sick of hearing about it. I don't get it! I just imagine if *I* was one who had lost a loved one. I'd be so effing PISSED if people were 'sick of hearing about it.' We HAVE to pay respect to the people who died, and all the heroes/rescuers/military who fought back.

    Great post!

  6. Jenn - you are amazing. I will never forgot - I will never not post about it - I will never be sick of hearing about it. It's not just something that happened somewhere to someone. It affected so many so deeply.

    Thanks for paying respect and being so strong. Love you!!!

  7. My daughter had to wàtch 9/11 news clips for school. As I brought up a couple from CNN on youtube for her to see, I was once again overcome with emotion, like I was reliving that day. It brought it all back-the memories, the shock, disbelief, fear, panic when I couldn't reach my husband or uncle on their cell phones-knowing they both worked in the area & sometimes worked in those buildings, and the tremendous grief for all those who were there. I couldn't hold back the tears as I tried to explain to my daughter what was going on, what it was like. After watching the news footage clips of the two planes striking and the towers eventually collapsing, she said, "You don't have to watch it anymore mom, you're getting upset." I told her that is why we can never forget it- that moment changed us all forever. Before that day, such evil was unimaginable to our generation. It is alot different learning from books in school about atrocities throughout history and around the world than it is to live through it or see it happening first hand. GOD bless those who lost their lives. God bless their families. God Bless our brave soldiers who fight to keep this from ever happening again. And God Bless America! I will never forget! <3

    1. Thank you for your comment :( Being in the area, it is so difficult to remember these days - especially so close to home. <3


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