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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's the Big Rush????

Now that Thanksgiving has actually happened, I don't mind being in Christmas mode....

A few weeks ago, prior to Thanksgiving, I ran to Walmart to get a new soup pot for my Thanksgiving pumpkin soup.  If you're on my friend's list, or you know me - you know the story...  I head to the store & see the Salvation Army bell ringers.  I don't mind them so much, they're a bit early - but they do for the less fortunate, so I appreciate them standing in the cold collecting for the needy.  What I did mind is what came next...  "Happy Thanksgiving!!  and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!"  WHAT???  I stopped dead in my tracks & shot him a look.  Not intentionally, because I do regret the "look" but I turned to him and said YES, Happy Thanksgiving - but could we please wait a couple of weeks on the Merry Christmas and let Thanksgiving happen?  It was so automatic, I couldn't even hold it back.  The guy's jaw hit the ground & he said nothing...

In retrospect, it does sound kind of mean.  It wasn't my intention to be mean, because as I said - I don't mind the Salvation Army bell ringers.  I appreciate them more than 3/4 of the can shakers outside Walmart...

But seriously, what's the rush????  They really need to have "Black Friday" starting at 10 pm on Thanksgiving?  People really need to mace each other to get that really cool gift??  The whole thing just horrifies me.

I'm well aware that a good portion of the population has no clue what the true meaning of Christmas is, yet they rush the holiday through & fight through lines for the latest greatest new thing.  How very sad!

People are also protesting Christmas trees & Menorahs, but working to out do each other by having the best gift to give.  It's sad that they don't realize that Christmas celebrates the best gift EVER!

Take a minute - STOP the insanity!!  Take a breath in today.  Quit rushing to tomorrow, because the next time you blink, it will be last week & you've lost today!

One of the biggest lessons I've been given to learn is to stop trying to make things happen & to just let them happen.

Enjoy every single second of every single day & don't blink!!  Today is a gift!!  Enjoy your present!!

Thank you for reading my blog & have a wonderful today!!


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