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Monday, November 28, 2011

And what are we trying to accomplish here??? (more political banter)

In the interest of political correctness....  Oh the heck with that, I've learned about as much about political correctness as a slug has learned about growing feet & walking a mile...

For those of you in other states who are following the "Occupy" movement (ours is Wall Street) I'm about to rant.  If you don't like my political opinions, may be time to click the little X button....

In my opinion, these people have NO clear objective - nothing stating what they're trying to accomplish. There's no one there waiving the American flag showing their American pride.  No measures of safety to protect the others, just a bunch of people clogging the area where people are actually trying to get to work.

And NOW they're trying to recruit the homeless for their "cause".  How will this recruitment help the homeless long term?  Will they just be cast aside after the Occupy movement is over?  So, they're being used for sheer numbers, but no long term goal or plan to help them??

I know I will take heat from the following statement, but before I go forward - this is NOT an across the board statement to all unemployed folks.  I am aware that some jobs just aren't available.  This is more against those lazy individuals who feel very entitled to suck up every single cent that unemployment offers for as long as humanly possible before actually looking for a job.

There ARE jobs available!!  Get a grip on the fact that you are probably not going to bring home 6 figures.  There are many folks who were laid off, working two jobs and more hours just to maintain their expenses.  Taking anything - yes, even jobs that are "beneath" them.  That's called being RESPONSIBLE.

We're really sorry that you can't actually work for only 3 of your 8 hour work day, have a fabulous title and several thousand dollar pay check without any real education or experience - but may I please introduce you to something called REALITY?

Not to be mean, but most people, are DUMB, myself included from time to time.  Some people are smarter than others, but mostly we need someone bigger to look to for guidance.  Like a shepherd to his sheep.

The shepherd's job is to guide his sheep properly so they don't wander into dangerous territory, because they're not paying attention.  Sheep are dumb & will go where ever they are led or just follow the greener grass right off the edge of a cliff.

Sound familiar??  Maybe even a little bit??

A good portion of the problem is that "sheeple" (thank you, Andy for that reference) aren't paying attention.  They're content to take whatever is given to them, with nothing to be responsible for.  They're falling off cliffs and ending up in scary territory because they keep looking to the greener grass, and following the wrong path.

This is only a part of the problem...  Those "sheeple" occupying Wall Street & where ever else -- they're following the path that keeps handing them more and more, without doing anything for it and leading them to the edge of the cliff - instead of saying, that's enough, here's what you need to do now go do it!

Doesn't it even look a little suspicious to anyone that someone is just handing you stuff constantly??  Oh.... Don't have, here's more - and more, and more??  It doesn't look like a trap??  Really??  Think a little about a mouse trap - the cheese looks really good to that mouse, and then SNAP!  Gotcha!

Nothing is easy.  If it's too easy, there's a reason why!  Ask WHY!

There's nothing wrong with taking services of you actually need them, but learn, grow & move forward!

Have faith, learn to do for yourself & the rest will follow!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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