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Monday, October 31, 2011

Love is for everybody....

Before I even move forward for this post, I'd just like to thank God for the positive words that He puts into my mouth that actually make a difference!

Those who know me, know that my brain to mouth control switch sometimes often gets jammed & I just speak - especially if I'm upset, annoyed or emotional.  Ya know those times when you go, UGH why did I just say that?  That's my life.  But then there are moments when words will come out of my mouth and I will think, "wow, that was awesome - where the heck did that come from?"  Yeah - not me, that's for sure.  I'm very sure that it's the Big Guy upstairs looking out for me & redirecting me properly.

In this case, it has to do with my little chickadee.  This little person has been through so much in her life and it's just so sad, really.

In our house, we spoil the kids, all of 'em.  Ours, visiting kids - whatever.  We just love 'em up and do our best to guide them properly until they move on.

One particular day after her visit, chickadee came home and told me that she wasn't allowed to love me anymore because her mommy said that SHE is her mommy, not me.  Well of course, insecure one.  Did you think you were hurting me with that??

She was so upset.  I sat her down and had a talk with her.  I told her that I wasn't trying to take her mommy's place and that her mother was in "mommy school" and that it's Ok if I love her & if she loves me because love is for everyone.  It doesn't mean she doesn't love her mommy or that I'm trying to take her mommy's place.
Love is a gift meant to be shared.  Love is for EVERYONE.

Now, I'm a total goof ball mommy.  I make up and sing silly songs & say silly stuff, etc.  One morning while we were driving, we were playing the "I love you better game."  Usually it goes something like who do you love better, me or monkeys and we take turns back & forth like that.  It's just a silly way to make her feel happy and loved.  One time I said who do you love better, me or Salem (the cat) - and she teasingly said Salem.  Ahh, no no no, you can't - I teased her.  To that she very promptly said.... "Miss Jenn, love is for everyone."

She got it :)

So again, thank You God for the positive words which You put into my mouth to help this little chickadee.

...and thank you all for reading my blog!

Love you all! 

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