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Monday, October 24, 2011

It ain't easy... being nut free

Well, she stepped in it again...

This time with a peanut butter sandwich.  Ugh...

Before the nut free & allergy parents get upset with me, please know - I mean no disrespect.  I get the allergy thing, believe me.  I am allergic to bees, as is my son & we've both had the pleasure of anaphylaxis.  It ain't pretty, and I know it...

However, moms like me - without nut allergies don't have all the precautions right in the front of our brain, or the immediate need (or desire) to read packaging.  Again - no disrespect.

What did I do... Ugh...  Well, little chickadee had a field trip.  So I made her lunch, as normal in the morning at 6 am while on autopilot.  She wanted peanut butter & jelly - voila, peanut butter & jelly it is.... She wanted a granola bar - voila granola bar.  Happy kiddie, happy momma - right?

NOPE - 3 pm - "Miss Jenn, Miss Jenn -- my friend is allergic to peanuts.  My granola bar & my sandwich had peanuts."  Ugh again!  Guess who little chickadee's chaperone was.  That's right, the mommy of the peanut allergy girl & of course the allergic little girl was also in the group.  Triple Ugh...

Of course I feel terrible.  Like I said, I'm not in the nut free habit.

I'm not insensitive, I swear.  My very cute little "boyfriend" happens to have a nut allergy.  When I know he's coming over, I make sure to have nut free snacks for him & I keep all the nut snacks out of his way.  Otherwise, it doesn't even cross my mind.

The fact is that kids are kids - they will get into everything they should or shouldn't get into.  I couldn't or wouldn't keep Kyle inside all the time, or put a giant bubble around him to keep him away from bees.  I had to be prepared at all times.  I keep a Epi-pens everywhere possible, just in case.  The trick, as a parent, is to try to let the kids be kids and be prepared - because kids are looking to kill themselves in some way at any given moment.  Our job is to not let them succeed!

I'm truly, incredibly sorry.

I can't promise that I'll always remember to be nut free - but I do promise to be much more aware before I send my little ones off with a PB&J sandwich.  Deal??  :)

Thank you for reading my blog!


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