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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Just in case anyone is worried that I may not be secure enough...  Don't you worry, I'm plenty secure.

Sometimes, I think I could stand to be knocked down a few pegs. (but let's not try that, Ok)

I know that sometimes in my posting, I may come across as needy and insecure - but just because someone is open, loving & kind doesn't make them insecure or "needy".

I don't put this out there for my own sake, but others (who shall remain nameless) who have been  terribly hurt. Very strong and secure, but also very emotional.

Kind and loving does not equal weak and needy - but that also doesn't mean they aren't vulnerable to emotional attack or hurt.  Intentional or not.

I always say how incredibly lucky and blessed that I am.  My life may not have always been easy, but I've always had love.  I've never been afraid to put myself out there.

Love is just love.

I'm not one to play the jealous and insecure game.  I say what I think & if you're going to run out and sneak around - see ya.  I'm not going to stalk your every move to make sure you're being true blue, because what's the point?

I've said before, I'm no piece of cake.  I could drive a jealous man insane with my personality alone.

You need to trust.  Trust others, trust yourself.  Love and let yourself be loved.  Be yourself & have fun.  Not everyone is as they appear on the outside.  Hang around and get to know more.  Pay attention!  Ask (the right) questions, watch and listen to what's going on and be friends. The rest will follow.

Not everyone is "meant to be."  Sometimes they're just "meant to know."

I've always been of the thought that if you want love, you have to reflect it.

It doesn't matter who you love or how you love, just love.  Love attracts love.  Being "in love" follows.

Being secure in yourself is very attractive :)

Thank you for reading my blog!


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