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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back to reality & the scale...

After a week on a cruise, where all you do is eat and drink - part of me was happy to get back home to eating right & getting on a full detox.

I did the whole diet and exercise thing for weeks prior to my cruise, to no avail - so coming back I was terrified to come face to face with the ugly scale.

Not so bad, only 4 lbs...  I was expecting at least 8 with the amount of food (ice cream) I was eating....  Did you know they have an ice cream cone station on ships???  Oh yeah!  Every time we walked by, we made ourselves an ice cream cone.  Not on the way - let's make it on the way...  Good thing there was a lot of walking involved or I'd have gained 20 lbs!!

So now, I'm home.  Unfortunately, back in New Jersey - all my joints are achy again, which really pisses me off!  I could walk a mile in Florida on the beach - here to the walk from the house to the car hurts!  Ugh....  Anyway...

I'm eating properly (not exercising again yet) and I've already dropped three pounds!!  Woo hoo -- so THAT'S the secret.  Diet & exercise months prior to vacation - go on a cruise - eat and drink like it's your job & come home and fast again!!

Pfft - if this is the deal, sign me up!!  I'd happily put that elliptical machine to the curb!

I'll get back to you on this, lol.  I know it all sounds good - but the long term results sort of terrify me.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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