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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ambien & Technology don't mix!

Oh, I've been on a real roll lately...

Anyone who has been victim to Jenn on Ambien, I deeply apologize.

I have been going through random rough patches lately.  I feel great, I crash - I feel great, I crash.  I'm in crash right now as I type.  I'm exhausted, but I can't sleep because my body is freaking out, I take (prescribed) Ambien to help me sleep.

The warning label clearly states to take this product when you are already in bed.  At first I though, yeah - duh, I want to sleep.  Then the nurse at the doctor's office told me some crazy story about how when her mother had insomnia and took an Ambien, about an hour later she found her mother sitting on the kitchen floor eating potato salad with her hands & had food all over her face.  She was slurring and disoriented & if she didn't know any better she'd have thought her mom was having a stroke.  Mom went back to bed & had no recollection of the incident the next day.  My co-worker told me a similar tale on how he got out of bed and threw away all of his medication.

I thought I was immune to that particular craziness, I just want to sleep...  Uh nope...  Not only did my husband tell me stories of me getting out of bed, watching television and having conversations with him (that I don't recall) but I've also sent emails, texts and have had Facebook conversations that I've apparently incorporated my dreams into...  Holy moly!

I create enough of my own problems without my sleep medication kicking me over the side, lol.

Lack of sleep is something that I'm not used to & not being able to fall asleep, equally foreign to me until lately.  Now I've opened an entirely new can of worms, compliments of chemistry.

I'm strongly considering locking up my technological devices during periods of time when my chemistry level is higher than my blood oxygen level.

So if you receive a crazy email or text or anything that makes you go hmmm - It's not me, it's the meds!

Really!  :)

Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a fun & restful day!



  1. Tricks to using this medication.... I have been using this medication for 10+ years and it will only work when you have no food in your system. For example, it won't work at all if you eaten 3-4 hours prior to taking it. However, if you eat AFTER you have taken the pill it will work. I take Ambien at 9pm and eat at 9:45pm. It does lose its effectiveness over time, but having an empty stomach makes it work better. When I started taking it, it did make me "see things" and I forgot everything that happened the night prior. This is a good drug, but don't EAT many hours prior to taking it.

    buy cheap ambien

  2. Jen, This is SOOOO funny...Same thing happends to me...and I can't remember it. Although, bits and pieces DO come back...One night while living in Jersey City, I took the ambien in bed...and about 3 hours later ended up walking out of my apartment (at 3:00am) in my jammes thinking I was getting the mail and my son would let me back in..(the door locks on it's own)SO, there I was at 3:00 am in the hallway knocking on the door yelling for my son (who was in Hackettstown at his Dad's house)..My poor neighbors, I had to call the landlord from their apartment to get the landlord down there at 3:30 am to let me back in...(thank God the landlord was my b-friend!!!) SO, this is a pretty dangerous drug!!!! lol...Sammie

  3. Thank you for your comments! :)


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