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Monday, September 19, 2011

When you're wrong, you're wrong....

I always say that I'm a work in progress, and I'll admit - I messed up.  (again)

I'm feeling pretty badly about how I treated someone that I don't know very well.

If you know me, you know that I'm basically overly friendly and love everyone.  It takes a lot to make me not like you, BUT if I don't know you and you push the wrong buttons - all bets are off.

Well, that's just what happened.  I was screamed at and spoken to in an incredibly rude manner by someone I don't know at all, to the point where I turned around and walked away while she was yelling at me because I could feel my blood boiling.  Mind you - I did nothing to deserve this - so that was even worse.  That was the point I said... (Well, I won't say what I said, but I'm sure you could guess.)

That was it for me.  As far as I was concerned there was nothing good about this person.  She was no one I wanted to deal with any more than I needed to.  I was cordial, but not at all friendly or nice in any way.  This feeling, of course, colored every single other judgement about this person & other people's opinions (true or not) fully fueled my tank.

After another friend decided to approach her (with other issues) without much luck, I decided to approach her in a way that I was taught when I worked for Andy.  If you have something to say - that needs to be heard, you write a careful letter.  "Fix their hair, punch them in the face & then fix their hair again."  Translation:  Find anything you can that is nice to say - even if it's just nice shirt - ANYTHING.  Get your point out there while their feathers are fluffed & then end it nicely to keep it positive.  It was NOT easy!

My result was a very good one.  Not only did I get a very nice and appropriate reply.  I got the beginning of a resolution to my part (and hopefully all parts) in the issue at hand.  I also learned that she's not so bad.  She's actually sort of, well very nice.  She's a little much in some ways - but basically a sweet person & maybe a little intimidated by our very strong group of mommies.

Did she handle me correctly initially - nope, not at all - but that's where forgiveness comes into play.

It's real easy to fall into the whole judgment & blame game.  Yes, once again I did cartwheels along that "line".

Ok - so I was wrong, there - I said it!

I'm truly sorry for, and ashamed of my actions.  I hope that my lesson will serve as a lesson to someone else.
Sometimes there's just more to the story.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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