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Friday, September 2, 2011

My List of "Non Negotiables" in Selecting My Partner...

Despite the relationship decisions I've made in my past, I've always known exactly what I wanted in a man.  Twice I've found what I wanted, once I made it count.

Every once in a while I watch that Millionaire Matchmaker show.  Her philosophy is that you need to have your "5 non-negotiables" when selecting a "mate."

These should be the things that you know you want in a partner and won't bend on.  Settling only leads to the same dead ends.  Agreed!

My list was:

Someone who is or was in the military.  Navy preferred, but any branch will do.
Someone who had a strong sense of family.

Someone who was kind and loving, fun & a little goofy.
Eeek, Not Him!
Someone who wanted kids.
(preferably lots of them)

Someone who loved God & went to church.

Someone who is honest.

Someone who would let me be me & still be able to keep me in line (very important)
      I'd clearly negotiated my list in the past.

      I know for sure that compromising on my "non-negotiables" in the past was the reason I ended up in such a bad place.  I made poor decisions.

      Lessons, I now call them.

      I hope I am able to teach my daughter to learn from my mistakes - whoops, I mean lessons & also learn what it took me a long time to figure out...

      Don't try to make things happen, let them happen.  (Still working on this one.)

      For the longest time I sold myself short.

      Don't settle.  You are special and unique and there is someone especially for you.

      Stick to your list. 

      The darnedest things happen when you're not looking.

      I know God had His own perfect plan for me & I'm pretty sure He knows way better than I do.

      I needed to have all my "lessons" to be where I am now.

      I am still working on the "His time, not mine."

      I'm a perpetual work in progress.

      Live your life with no regrets.  Embrace your "lessons" and LEARN FROM THEM!  Always remember that you ARE special - and totally worth it!

      I could have done things differently, sure - but then I wouldn't be so darn smart now, would I??   :)

      Thank you so very much for reading my blog!


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