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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lupus, Prednisone & Weight Loss..

I have Lupus, if you didn't know...  I don't wear it as a badge of honor by any means - it just is what it is...

I sort of don't even care anymore.  At first it was all desperate and serious.  I was really sick (a lot) in the hospital, incredibly weak - the doctors even tried to kill me once & nearly succeeded!  Now it's jut another thing.

Here I still am, 2 plus years since my diagnosis, still kickin' but about 30 lbs heavier.... Thank you steroids more specifically Prednisone!

When I first got really sick & was in the hospital, I was on mega-doses of Solu-medrol via IV.  When I say mega-doses, I mean mega-doses - to the tune of 20 lbs gained in 5 days time in the hospital.  Yeah, that sucked!

After I got out, they maintained the Prednisone regimen.  This made me irritable (angry) a little crazy (psychotic) and heavier (Mooooooooo).  I began to watch what I eat and try to exercise - but nothing.  The scale did not move - well, it didn't get lower, that's for sure!  Finally I told the doctor - that's it, no more Prednisone, what else do you have?

So, as a Lupie, my fellow Lupies will get that the doctors will throw every drug under the sun at you.

I tried a few things, but listened to my body - if I was worse, I canned it.  Medication is an entire blog in itself, so I'll just skip it...

I finally was able to start losing some of the weight & have squeezed my butt into the next size smaller pants (yayy) Even if they are a little snug, they're on!

Eating properly is the easy part, exercise - not so much.
I'm not a fan to begin with!  If God meant for me to touch my toes, he would have put them on my knees. Nevertheless, I've lost 20 lbs so far - with many more to go (as far as I'm concerned).

So here I am today, with my bag 'o salad - an apple, yogurt and chicken breast strips - oh and my water, of course -- lots & lots of water.

I got on the scale this morning (after a full week of this) and I've lost a full half pound.  Are you kidding me??

Can I also say, while my knees and elbows are screaming at me, I've been doing my eliptical machine EVERY NIGHT like clockwork!  I started with 10 minutes & have worked up to 20 minutes...  Ouch...
Talk about pain!

It's not bad enough that I'm watching everyone else's cheeseburger's go by while I eat my rabbit food - but I exercise to the point of exhaustion (I even sweat, gross) and a half a pound!?!?  Really??

Ugh, there's got to be a better way!!

I continue to fight the Lupus battle, ever day, every minute, every second...  I try to ignore the fact that my body is kicking it's own A**.  Some days I do great.  I have this awesome burst of energy & totally capitalize in it... and then the next day zzzzzzzzzzz....  Wiped!

It is what it is, though - can't fix it, can't change it - so I deal with it!

Now, if I could only squeeze into the next smaller size jeans - life could be even better!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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