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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hanging out the "Red Cord"

I have never, ever claimed to be perfect.  Nor will I ever...

While I appreciate of the kind words people have to say on how I currently live my life, I am quite sure that some people who knew me at other random times in my life may not think of me as fondly.  I am a markedly different person than I was 30, 20 or even 10 years ago.  Thank God.

I've never been all bad - but like everyone else, I have things that I'm not proud of.  I'm a continual work in progress.

A few years back, when I had my "girls group" with my original "Chickadees" (you know who you are & I love you!) We read a book called "Bad Girls of the Bible".  I will always remember the story of Rahab.  No, no, I have never been a "red light district" kind of girl, but her story is one that I could relate to.  She was definitely not a good girl, she was a non-Israelite prostitute.  Yet she went on faith, put her life on the line by lying to the King's men, hiding Joshua's spies (Israelites) and helped them escape down the wall to freedom via her red cord.  All this Rahab did in exchange for the spies' promise to spare her and her family when Israel attacked Jericho (the Promised Land).  But she had to leave that red cord out for all to see, or no deal.

Reveal herself in order to be safe.

We all have a past.  Everyone has something we would rather not have people know.  Imagine that the only way you could keep yourself and your family safe was to reveal to the world something within that you aren't proud of?  Would you?  Could you?  Imagine all the "talk" that would come about.  How scary!

Things like this really stick with me.  Especially when dealing with people.  Imagine that someone would judge you by the worst mistake you ever made - FOREVER.  That would totally suck!  We are all here together for a short time.  People are people.  Who the heck are any of us to look down our noses at another?

Life is funny.  You could be at the top of the world one day, and then at the bottom rung of the ladder the next.

I write this as I think of my friends who have been ravaged by the hurricane & now we've had what will be a full week of heavy rain.  The same people who have lost everything twice already this year by freak storms, yet I see people judging online saying how "stupid" they are to have bought in a flood zone.  How sad.

I know for sure I wouldn't want someone to judge me forever by my past mistakes, or even praise me for the good I try to do now.  I am human - just like everyone else, and so are you!

Someone you know, or may not like may need help.

Are you going to sit in your tower of judgement, or hang out your Red Cord to let them climb down to safety?

Thank you for reading my blog!


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