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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Becoming like a little child...

I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  ~Matthew 18:3

I feel like I've got the "like little children" part down pat, but I'm sure that's not what He meant.  Darn!

It's hard to be good.  Really, really hard!  I've been jaded for sure in this little life of mine, just like everyone else.  Somehow, in some way - life has scarred you.  Maybe it's put your guard up, maybe it's just made you a little more cautious - but somehow jaded.

I always say that I love the little kids, and I really mean it.  Some days I've had more than my fill of children - but many times, I'd rather just sit on the floor with them and hear what they have to say.  How they see things.  It really is quite amazing how differently we see things than they do.  Such a shame, really.  For the most part, kids see the beauty in most everything.  Even in people.  They could look right through someone who looks totally unapproachable and see the "beautiful mess" they really are.  I love that!

Bill Cosby used to have a skit where someone told him they loved kids because they were so honest & he would say honest, are you kidding me, they lie about everything!  As a mom, I totally get both sides of that particular coin - but children do have that tactless way of calling 'em as they see them (ya know, sort of like me, lol).  I think that's the innocence they were referring to.  Oh yeah - they'll totally lie about who ate the chocolate cake - but ask them if your butt is fat & expect a big fat YES without any hesitation! 

How can you not love that to some degree?

As an "adult" person (in my case, a 10 year old trapped in an adult's body) I have no patience for the fake, materialistic, self consumed people.  Kids - well they're totally self consumed, but when they're pretending to be something they're not - it's usually a princess or a super hero.  That same little kid will come up to you and ask you why you always look scared or surprised...  Go ahead and explain Botox, lol...  they don't get it.  Why isn't mommy's lipstick enough??  You can even wear it as eyeshadow if you want to!  lol

I guess it's all the drama I see going on that has been getting to me.  All of these adult people mistreating others & kicking people while they're down.

It makes me want to rewind the clock of time to when I have no idea what the big people are really talking about.  To have back that childlike innocence where everything is beautiful.  When you see another little kid & just want to play without thinking about how they look.  Chasing butterflies & playing on the swings.  Summer lasted forever & my daddy was my hero.

What's so bad about becoming like a little child??

Isn't that the golden ticket anyway...

Thank you for reading my blog!


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