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Friday, August 5, 2011

Why YES, my neck is a bit "Red"... Thank you for noticing!

Here in Jersey, at least my part Jersey, there aren't many any good country stations.  I got Sirus radio because they had "Prime Country" channel (well and 80's music too) - but their prime isn't so "prime".

Now mind you, when I was growing up - I HATED country music.  Country music, to me, represented my mother continuously playing Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton John, Glenn Campbell & Tanya Tucker.  Even to this day, the thought of my mother's country music makes me want to stick my fingers into my eyes & twirl them up into my head.

Thanks to my dad, I have a fairly expanded musical taste.  However, I was completely turned off to country music... To me, it was "cowboy music" & not my thing.

Then I met my husband & he liked country music (oh, great).  I was a rock & roll chick, who went clubbing.  I like my classic rock - I love my Zeppelin & Clapton and I've learned to love the very hard & heavy metal music that my brother, Darren's band played, club "House Music" and of course my "Stevie" (Nicks that is).  Country - none for me thanks... I'm driving.  Yet here I was, trapped in a vehicle with my new friend, at the time, listening to this crap on the radio.  I've never been the type of the person who will mold themselves into whatever someone else wants just to impress them.  I'm me - love me or not.  So I kept my mouth shut and dealt with it.  THEN - Brooks & Dunn came on the radio & I completely fell in love with Ronnie Dunn's voice.  That deep, gravely, yummy voice turned me.  ("That ain't no way to go")

The next thing I knew I was intentionally listening to the only country station that existed in the area at the time (to my shock, my favorite rock DJ, Jim Kerr, was the morning personality at the time) and there I was diggin' Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, John Michael Montgomery (another yummy voice), Kenny Chesney, to name a few...  You see where this is all going.

I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts by now (duh).  When my daughter and I are pool side, I've got my Ipod blaring.  One moment it's "Comfortably Numb", the next something by Queensryche or Zeppelin, then my brother's (former) band - Ten Feet From Murder
(seriously heavy metal - my brother is the drummer) & then the lovely, melodious Martina McBride...  (remember my previous posting about randomly switching stations, same thing) Talk about contrast!

I haven't given up on my Rock & Roll - that's deeply ingrained into my soul.
I've got my favorite Classic Rock Station with Jim Kerr in the morning & I've found me a good 'ol country radio station out of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin - Hot Country B95 - with Mike McKay & Donuts  (Thanks guys, if you're reading this)

So yup, thank you for noticing - this little rock & roll chickie does have a bit of a red neck soul!

So come on, let your little red neck rock out under your leather!!  It's all good!

Thank you for reading my blog!


Looking for good radio?  Try    That's how I found my country station!

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  1. You may be already aware of this, but in case you don't:
    If you use iTunes, there is a feature called "radio" on the left hand column in your LIBRARY list. Click on Radio and that will allow you access all types of music genre via internet radio, most have little or no commercials... Click on the Country genre and look for AMPED FM COUNTY (my personal favorite).


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