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Friday, July 19, 2013

Thank you to the Jersey "reality" shows!

Yep - you heard me - Thank you!

I have to admit that despite my random Facebook postings, I am NOT the Party Girl I used to be once upon a time.

Do I enjoy a glass of wine or sangria every now & then?  Of course.  Do I get together with my friends and get silly?  Absolutely!

Heck I even have my very own disclaimer T-Shirt.  "No Longer Responsible for My Actions" - just in case. 

All this aside, the all night partying routinee it's not nearly as fun the next day as it used to be.
My rebound rate is terribly slow.

So despite how "regular" things look on Facebook, this is surely a more random event.  

At this stage of the game I look at the clock, whilst on my comfy couch, in front of the TV and think WOW 11pm - I'm up LATE!  Ha!

So during one of my "very late" stay ups, I caught one of the reality shows I don't normally watch, "Jersey Shore".

I'm no prude - but Oh my GOSH!  No wonder people crunch their nose up, as if they smell something foul, when you say you're from Jersey.

I am a PROUD Jersey Girl!

I am not exactly the model for good behavior all of the time, but after watching that show - I am beginning to believe that I could get away with an awful lot in other states.  I could easily have bad behavior excused simply by saying "I'm from Jersey" and probably still be told I was very well mannered (for a Jersey girl)...

I wouldn't have to pull out my "disclaimer" t-shirt!  This is pretty scary.

Mind you, we Jersey folk are a rare breed.  We WILL tell you (exactly) what we think, like it or not, and you don't even need to ask.  (You're welcome)

We Jersey folk just "get" each other.  We know what to expect.  We know where the line is drawn in the sand and we will shield each other while we hurry up to erase that line and put it out a little further.  It's all in good fun and most times the line doesn't go out all that far.

I don't know where they found these people for that show & their celebrity makes me ill.  I don't think there is any line they won't cross.  They're not even FROM Jersey!  They just "vacation" and film here.

For me to be horrified when I see these shows - something's up!

I do have to say, with a giggle & smile, that my son made an attempt to go to Seaside on a holiday weekend with his friends.  He came home early, shell shocked, lol.  I guess I've done something right!

My new plan is to visit other states & dance on tables with my "Jersey Girl" T-Shirt on.

I think as long as I don't take off my clothes in public, punch anyone, throw up & urinate in public or throw the F-Bomb around like it was my job, I'm good!

Watch out world...  Here comes the Jersey Girl!

Thank you for reading my blog!!


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