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Monday, July 25, 2011

Frogs ARE smart!

I hate for my opening blog to be ridiculous, but this is officially a day in the life of Jenn...

Ok, so back when my little girl was in 1st grade, I thought it would be really cool to get her a "grow a frog" kit for Christmas.  (Grow a Frog kits are available at 

Mommy loves and collects frogs (but please don't buy me any for my collection) and CC has learned to love them to.  So, we got and grew our frogs. 

Now 2 1/2 years later - the 3 tadpoles have grown into rather large aquatic frogs & we have them in a 10 gallon tank with a gold fish.  There used to be 3 frogs...  One frog mysteriously disappeared sometime last year (we blamed the kitty). 

Descending the stairs to the basement yesterday, I noted a frog shaped blob on the floor.  YUCK...  I thought, crap how did this guy escape & here's another dead one to explain to my daughter.  I grab a paper towel & he jumped....  OMG he's alive!!  I quickly scooped him up in a cup of water, brought him to the sink & he shook off the fuzz and lint he'd collected and I threw him back into the tank.  Still completely and totally perplexed on how he escaped to begin with, we sealed all potential exits & moved on with the day. 

At dinnertime, I went to feed the frogs & fish and lo and behold, we were again shy a frog.  I was SHOCKED - I looked again, and there he was INSIDE of the filter, again trying to escape.  Really??  Why the heck would this frog want to endure the torture of being covered in lint almost dead again?  I fished him out of the filter & went on. 

Sure enough last night, while lying in bed last night I hear - clank, clank, clank - that little bugger found his escape route, remembered it & was trying to get out once again. 

No more screenings of Finding Nemo for this frog!! 

I was relieved to see that he was still in the tank this morning, but he's clearly not a happy froggie anymore.

Looks like I'll be calling the frog farm today on the other side of town.  I'd much rather have him live out the rest of his little life with other froggie friends.  So later we will say bye to Sunshine.  Moonlight will be a very lonely little froggie until we set her free too.

So you see - frogs ARE smart!

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